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Whether promoting specific organizational services or collaborative undertakings, doing it together makes CENTS (sense).  It is much more cost effective and impactful for organizations to promote and market together.

Promotions may be in the form of newsletter articles, flyers/posters, postcard mailings, radio announcements, e-marketing, social networking, etc.

Inner-team and cross-team promotions are essential for PCR success.  Within the Action Teams (inner-team), organizations with like goals concerning its shared wellbeing area(s) can collectively promote individual organization services together and most certainly work together to promote the STMBD projects and PCA events.

From team to team (cross-team), organizations with shared target markets can coordinate to promote individual services.  That way a certain demographic can see an array of services that they may need to seek or  may wish to support in several or all wellbeing areas.  Especially those with mutual goals, for example nutritional services paired with physical fitness strategies.


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