Building Strong Relationships Essential to Community Resiliency

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The aim of partnerships…

is to work together to assess the needs in a community and develop a coordinated response to those needs.  Working together helps you deliver consistent messages and reach constituents through a variety of channels.  It also presents valuable opportunities to share resources, develop joint goals and objectives, and learn from each other.

—Adapted from Youth Services America by Mike Searight, ERCEGI Intern



ERCEGI’s model for community resiliency cultivation and organization…

is based on the Seven Areas of Wellbeing that lead to Community Resiliency and on the organization’s number one guiding principle that “the future of any community is only as good as the future citizens it nurtures.”   With that in mind, we have designed a program which networks a community through three phases of partnership cultivation and leads to the establishment of Advisory Teams and a Community Council of Wellbeing to coordinate the various participating stakeholders and solutions.


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